If getting up early to hit the gym, or getting to an evening group fitness class after a long day at work was easy, the world would be a much healthier place!

It’s not easy, is it? But that’s just you right? Wrong! It’s EVERYONE. Hang on, what about those people ALWAYS at the gym? The gym junkies? The trainers? The athletes?….. Guess what? It’s not easy for them either, they are just in a very disciplined routine. They have a variety of strategies that help them get up and go when their mind is saying, ‘no.’

Today I’m going to give you some insight and some strategies to help you say, ‘yes.’ But first a story about a person who is in the gym everyday, me!

Yesterday, I had a really bad workout. I mean, really bad. I spent 45 minutes listening to the voice in my head telling me how terribly I was doing. Followed by a long day then a sleepless night, I was less than impressed when my alarm went off at 4:45am this morning. My very first thought? ‘Why bother – you’ll be shit again and you need the sleep more.’ My second thought? ‘Just get up and get the kettle on, one step at a time.’ And that’s exactly what I did. I got dressed, drank the coffee and before I knew it I was in the car, driving to class. I walked in half asleep to be greeted by a friendly staff member who was genuinely glad to see me. Then I saw some training buddies who welcomed me with a smile and a high 5. Before I knew it, I was smiling too and getting stuck into a tough workout. Driving home, fully energised with the endorphins flowing, I pondered what would have happened if I’d stayed in bed?

I would have felt rubbish all day and beat myself up over missing a workout. And if I’d let this happen today, who’s to say tomorrow wouldn’t be the same? And then the next day? Until suddenly I’m in the no workout routine, not the get up and do it routine.

With this in mind, here are some great reminders and top tips to help get your butt out the door and into the gym – every time! Because if you don’t go every time you commit to it, the battle towards creating a regular habit becomes more challenging and a much longer process.


Here’s a list of reasons and priorities that are a great starting point to drive your dedication:

WORK – Well, at least have the same mindset you use for getting to work each day, in that there’s no negotiations here. We’d all love a day off, but we have to get up and go to work to get paid. Consider your payment for exercising the endorphins, (happy hormones) and good health. In a nutshell, think of your exercise as compulsory attendance, no excuses, just like work but way more fun. So don’t hit snooze, and don’t be late. No choice here 🙂
END GOAL – Don’t lose sight of this, remember why you signed up in the first place and don’t lose track of this. And if you don’t have a goal, get one! Check out my goal setting blog for some ideas.
SCHEDULE YOUR TIME – Plan your weekly workout times and stick to it. Don’t put off a workout for ‘later.’ Like the tip above about work, same goes for your schedule – create one and lock it in – no negotiations. The best thing about a schedule is it shows you how much free time you have if you use it wisely. Keep your eyes out for a future blog on ‘Setting up your Schedule’.
FUN – Pick a gym or sport that excites you and makes you smile. This is not a punishment, this is your time! Admittedly, there will be times where you may question your choices, but overall the community, the environment and the exercise itself should be something you enjoy doing. There’s so much variety and choice out there, don’t settle for a lacklustre gym or class.

So now you have some solid reasons and priorities, here are some tips to help get you moving:


Excuses – counteract them, one at a time and one step at a time. Make your answers to your excuses stronger than the excuse. For example, ‘I’m too tired,’ – You have worked all day with no sleep, you can get through a workout.
Have your clothes and gym bag ready the day before so if you’re up early you can just get dressed on autopilot – just make sure your tights are on the right way. Seriously, I’ve put them on backwards, (and not noticed) many a time!

Break down getting to the gym into small steps and tick off each one as you get it done. For example, drink a coffee, (first reward in itself – or glass of water if you’re not a coffee person), get dressed, get in the car, etc.

Tell everyone! Tell your friends you’re going to the gym or for a run or to a class, whatever it is – make yourself accountable so you stick to it Mantra, mantra, mantra – A mantra is a short, repeated phrase that helps you to stay focussed, motivated and on track. I have many mantras, but the ones I use when I’m struggling to get to the gym are, ‘Feeling crappy is short lived, the workout will fix it! GO’ or ‘Someone busier and more tired is working out right now, GO!’

Now you’ve read all of this, it’s time to give yourself some tough love. Is working out and improving your health a priority for you? YES – then make it happen. NO – I actually just deleted my response here, it should be YES!

Now remember, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do, see you in the gym!

Wongy x