Being ‘successful’ has a variety of perceptions, so for the point of this blog, let’s consider ‘successful’ as someone who is healthy, fit and happy in their own skin. Why this focus? Because this is a version of success we can ALL achieve, whatever our bank balance. Looking after yourself is not defined by your financial situation, we can all afford it.  Goal setting is essential.

Ok – so we are agreed, we want to get fitter and healthier, then now it is time to set some goals!

Goal Setting has almost become cliche these days, but how many people actually set goals and hold themselves accountable for these? How many people sit down, put pen to paper and write down their future hopes and ambitions?goal setting

The answer is, not too many. And why not? Because it’s scary. This is the first leap out of your comfort zone, this is you admitting that you want to take your dreams and make them a reality. This is terrifying, because that little voice in your head is screaming at you, ‘What if you fail? It’s too hard, You can’t do it.’ The first step towards achieving your goals is to acknowledge this voice, and then politely tell it, ‘I’m not listening to you, please shut up :)’ Now let’s get cracking and set some goals!

There are so many motivational quotes about achieving your goals. My personal favourite, is a quote by Greg S Reid, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He says, ‘A Dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps, becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.’ This is such a simple way of explaining how we can achieve our goals. So with this in mind, let’s have a look at my top five tips to achieving your goals:

Make your goals as simple as possible and write them down! Plaster them around your house, make them visible and check in on them daily.
Get yourself a mantra! This is a simple phrase that you repeat to yourself when times are tough or when that little voice in your head is being particularly loud! Some examples might be as simple as, ‘You’ve got this’, ‘One step at a time’, ‘Don’t stop now, you’ve come way too far.’

Surround yourself with awesomeness! The people in your life will be your greatest support crew and your greatest advocates. Choose wisely!
Break your goals down into achievable steps and give yourself a time frame. If you’re not reaching your set time frame, extend it and re-evaluate your goal. DO NOT GIVE UP.
Reward yourself, feel proud and thank yourself for what you are doing! We are our worst critics and goal setting is all about building a better you. Thank yourself for it!

Now remember, just thinking about a positive change is the first step. Be brave, take the leap and write down what you want. Surround yourself with awesomeness and go and get it!!

Wongy xx