"Your family's ultimate fitness playground"



Many teenagers are at risk of straying with the ‘wrong crowd’ or are simply disengaged with family life. At Family First Fitness, we want them to follow the ‘right crowd’, (us of course!).
Now we can’t guarantee they’ll clean their rooms, but we can help them let off steam in a safe and healthy environment.

Here’s the deal – You, (the parent or parents) take out an adult or family membership and your teenager can come to any of our classes, (excluding Bust-a-Burpee) for free and without you. Drop them off at the door, as often as you like and we’ll take care of the rest 🙂 Of course they are welcome to train with you as well, just rest assured that either way, they are doing something positive


Bust-a-Burpee sessions are paid for term by term. If you have more than one child participating, the second, third, fourth, fifth, (you get the idea) can participate for HALF PRICE.


Bust-a-Burpee is discounted by 10% with any family or adult membership.


ALL participants in our Sassy Seniors and Super Seniors classes receive a discounted rate of $12 per session.

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Family First Fitness

Your family's ultimate fitness playground


Developed by leading teachers and fitness industry experts, this program turns learning on its head, literally!

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