Have you ever had a rest day at the gym turn into a rest week? Or even a rest month? It’s very similar to having a cheat meal turn into a nutrition blowout.

Insert ‘all the excuses under the sun’ here….

Family First Fitness is a gym full of mums and their gorgeous kids. As a result, we family friendly gymoften see our clients missing a few days or a week due to the kids being sick. And the poor families with multiple kids can be out for weeks plural, as sickness takes it’s toll on all of the family members.

Another phenomenon we see at F1 is the FIFO effect, (Fly In Fly Out workers, generally in the mining industry). Our gym is located in a FIFO town, so many of our members are super-mums, running the household and the kids for weeks at a time while hubby is away.

The FIFO effect in the gym is that when hubby is home, we generally see less of the mums. Understandably, they want to spend as much time as possible with their partners. As long as they come back!And herein lies the problem. Throughout our lives, we face very legitimate reasons for missing our workouts. The issue is when these initial missed sessions become the new habit. That is, ‘The one more day won’t hurt’ routine.

It aligns perfectly with the, ‘One more chocolate won’t matter’ reasoning. And eventually these both have the potential to become the very dangerous, ‘What’s the point? I’ve blown it now’ scenario.

Not every gym is not like us, many won’t send you messages or look into your whereabouts. They will however take your money as another statistic who purchased a very expensive membership, never to use it.

So how do you combat this happening? How do you stop a missed workout from becoming a whole new habit?


  1. First things first, no one is going to judge you or have a go at you for missing so many workouts, don’t be ashamed to return! If you’re at an awesome gym like F1, they will celebrate that you’re back 🙂
  1. Write down at least three reasons that the gym is AMAZING for you – there’s rules here. You are not allowed to be negative, eg. ‘Because I’m the size of a house’ and you’re not allowed to use the term, ‘skinny.’If you’re stuck, here are mine that I’m happy to share 🙂 A) To keep me healthy and active to live a full life with my husband and son B) To deter health problems directly related to sedentary behaviour and obesity C) To become a full-beast that can lift ALL the things (you may wish to change the last one) 🙂
  1. Be blunt about your priorities. For example, by sitting on the couch and spending an hour on Facegym for familiesbook, I am prioritising this activity over my health. Every time you catch yourself erring towards lazy, ask yourself, ‘Is another episode on Netflix a more important priority than improving my health?’
  2. Tell the little voice in your head to SHUT UP! You know the one? The one that tells you you’re never going to be fit. Or that you’re useless anyway. The awful voice that stops us from moving forward. Recognise this is only a thought and change it to a positive one. I love thinking along the lines, ‘I am one workout fitter than I was last week’ or, ‘You are doing more than the person still sitting on the couch’, or we can get cheesy here, ‘You’re only one workout away from feeling good.’ Whatever it takes, don’t stop at the negative thought! Move past it into the zone of ‘GETTING IT DONE!’
  3. Be aware of your excuses, acknowledge they’re excuses and STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE. You set your priorities, you make it happen, you get it done. Simple, don’t waste time with excuses, make sure you can tell the difference between them and legitimate reasons. For example, a child home with gastro – legitimate excuse to miss a training session at the gym. You thinking you look a little washed out with a bit of a headache, maybe I should lie in bed for a bit longer – Rubbish excuse.
    And don’t get me started on the, ‘I’m too busy’ nonsense. You want to know what I do when I’m ‘too busy’? I get up and train at 5am instead of 6am. If my husband isn’t around and I can’t leave the house because of my son, I’ll train at home. There is never an I’m too busy excuse. Just the, ‘I’m prioritising an extra hour sleep’ reasoning. And don’t get me wrong, I have definitely prioritised sleep at times, I just don’t let it become a constant habit.       

Now, some of you may be reading this and thinking,’Geez Wongy, you’re getting a bit harsh there.’ But the reality is, NO-ONE is as harsh on us as we are on ourselves. I am also not at all ashamed to prioritise fitness and healthy living, highly in my life. Anyway, I own a gym – I can totally pull the hard-arse trainer card here  🙂  #totesbadass

All jokes aside, there is no joking about the rising statistics relating to childhood and adult obesity in Australia. There is NO denying the fact that diseases directly related to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle kill more people in this country than cigarettes. So let’s make it our priority to get back into the gym and GET IT DONE!   

Wongy x