It’s that time of year again, a time when we look back at the year that’s been and look forward to the new year ahead! Will you be setting some resolutions in 2018?

After reading the first few lines, most of us fall into one of the following categories:

1)    THE SELF HATER- full of negative self-talk telling you ‘what a waste of a year,’ or ‘next year will be no better’, or ‘why are you even bothering?’ If this is you, the good news is – this is literally just TALK and this is NOT your truth. The way we talk to ourselves is a powerful thing, it moulds who we are and how we present to the world. It is also something that you can take control of, and in this case, make a positive change.gym mandurah

2)  THE FIRE CRACKER STARTER – you have the best intentions, in fact you are so enthusiastic to make this year bigger and better than ever, you are just about ready to tattoo your intentions to your forehead. However, maintaining this enthusiasm and energy is a real challenge, and often – like a fire cracker, it can all end in a fizzle.  

3)  MEH –You are completely nonchalant, you genuinely don’t care that it’s a new year. Basically what you’re saying is, ‘If I don’t place expectations on myself, I will never fail.’ When it’s put this bluntly, you can see why this mindset can be somewhat detrimental to you moving forward with your progress, (either physically, mentally, socially or life in general).

4)  THE CHEERLEADER– You are the ultimate support crew for those lucky enough to have you in their life. You’re the first one there with words of encouragement or a helping hand to keep others on their path, whilst cleverly avoiding the responsibility of facing up to your own goals.

5) THE EXCUSE MAKER – You really do want to achieve your goals. You have signed up for a challenge, you have set some goals but you just don’t have the time. Or the kids need to be ferried here, there and everywhere. Or you are just so busy at work. However valid your reasons, they always seem to be there, stopping you from reaching your goals.

6) THE RIVER NILE  – You’re either the Dalai Lama or you’re in denial. You believe you have reached the pinnacle of life and self-love, with no further improvement required. The reality is, we are all still learning and there is always a new way to continue moving forward through life. Plus most of us can do with getting stronger, fitter and healthier.   

Now that we’ve looked at the different categories, and hopefully had an honest self-check, we can focus on some strategies to setting some goals that will stick!


  1. LITTLE VOICE – SHUT UP! From here on, please be aware of your own self-talk, telling you all the reasons you don’t need this, you can’t do this or it’s pointless. Tell it to shut up because you have totally got this, and that little voice in your head needs to become your greatest cheerleader, not your biggest critic.
  2. REALISTIC GOALS – Yes, we’d all love to live in the dream house with the dream car, but this may not be a realistic goal at this point in time. These can certainly be your ultimate goal, but you need stepping stones to get there. Your goals need to be achievable within a timeframe. For example, you may set the goal of setting up a savings account with weekly automatic deposits of $10 to reach a financial goal of $5,000 in savings within the year. 
  3. KEEP IT POSITIVE – We need to speak to ourselves kindly, and your goals need to mirror this. Beating yourself up over your weight or lifestyle is not a productive way to change it. For example, saying, ‘I look disgusting, I need to lose 10kgs’ is not the way to reach a goal. Try saying, ‘This year I am going to treat my body well by eating nutritious food and exercising more.’ A positive consequence of this goal will be the way you look, but ultimately you are improving your long term health and creating a more positive lifestyle for yourself.
  4. WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN – plaster them around the house, work, car, on post it notes, on mirrors, on the fridge – you get the idea. The more often you think about your goals and see them visually, the more likely you are to stick to them! It’s amazing how easily we can become distracted and lose sight of our goals.
  5. ENLIST A FRIEND – Share your goals with a loved one or close friend who will help remind you of what you are aiming for. They can also be an ear to listen or a voice of reason when things get tough. Yes, things will get tough, if it was easy – everyone would be healthy, wealthy and wise. Keeping the challenges in mind, make sure you chose someone who will give you a reality check if required, not just a sympathetic ear who will agree to all of your excuses.
  6. DON’T GIVE UP – This sounds simple enough but you’d be amazed how one stumble in the road is enough for many people to give up on their goals. Remind yourself that every attempt is a success as it means you’re trying to move forward. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just pick yourself up and try again, (that should be a song!). If you are not reaching your goal, reassess and even reset your goal, but don’t give up completely!   

I am so excited about the New Year ahead! I can’t wait to hear about your goals and how you go achieving them!

Let’s go team!
Wongy 🙂

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