As many of you know, I am a competitive person. So to me, YES, every workout is a race hahaha.
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All jokes aside, our programming, along with many other gyms, is designed with a variety of goals for our members. One workout may be aiming to complete a controlled number of repetitions, focussing on strengthening particular muscle groups, whereas another may be designed to keep your heart rate up and in the fat burning zone, while challenging you mentally to get it done.

It’s your workout

Whichever the objective behind our programming, it is ultimately YOUR workout. This means you are working towards your individual goals, alongside your workout buddies who may have an entirely different agenda to you. One thing we all share in common is that we are supporting each other and getting it done.

Buff and I are an excellent example here. I love to go fast and push myself past my perceived limits while Buff is meticulous about muscle alignment and correct performance of each movement. There is no right or wrong here, we both have different objectives with our training and we both respect and support each other’s fitness goals.

In a group class situation, most of you are completing the same workout. Especially when you are new to the gym, its hard not to look at others around you and even feel intimidated.  Here is where you need to change your mindset, look at these people as inspiration.  Every one of them started where you are right now.

Some are faster, some are slower, some have scaled options, some are completing advanced movements. It is up to you to decide how your workout is going to play out. Just like it is up to the person next to you to make their choices.

Do you think they missed a few reps or even an entire round of a movement? Quite possibly they did.  Now ask yourself, do you know why? Most likely not. You don’t know if they’ve had 2 hours sleep after being up all night with the kids. You don’t know if they’ve just had a fight with their best friend, husband or missed their morning coffee.  We all understand that!

Or maybe, if they’re like me, they completely miscounted! 🙂  

What we all know is that all of us have given it our best. If you have pushed yourself into the zone where the endorphins are flowing, your metabolism is on overdrive and your muscles are developing and learning new movements, you are kicking goals.

I often get videos pop up on Facebook of people working out, and it would be easy for me to judge them, saying ‘That’s only a half rep’, or ‘That’s not even a burpee’.
Instead, I have changed my vocabulary to say, ‘Good on them for getting up and moving’. And that is my point today, everyone who walks through our gym doors is doing an amazing job.

You’ve got here, you’re further than you were when you started and you’re on the right path. I couldn’t run 800m when I first started out, I still struggle with push ups and I am constantly working on improving myself.

So yes, your workout is a race, a race to be better than you were yesterday!   But remember that it’s your race, your goals, your workout.

Own your workout, give it your best, and cheer on your buddies. We are all in this together.