"Your family's ultimate fitness playground"

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PT Wongy is a specialist in children’s education and fitness! Bust-a-Burpee is a research based, children’s fitness program that has the added benefits of assisting with academic success.

Bust-a-Burpee is custom designed with engagement, enjoyment and awesomeness at the top of the checklist. Kids LOVE smashing their goals while Mum and Dad have the opportunity to lead by example, participating in free circuit sessions while the kids Bust-a-Burpee with PT Wongy!

Please tick where applicable:

  • Your child prefers an iPad to a conversation
  • Your child has too much energy to contain in one lounge room
  • Your child lacks confidence in their own awesomeness
  • Your child loves having fun!

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Bust-a-Burpee is for you! Now what about you? Please tick where applicable:

  • You want to lead by example
  • You want to work out too but can’t find the time
  • You are looking for the ultimate family orientated training program

Yes, yes, yes! You have found it here at Family First Fitness!

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Family First Fitness

Your family's ultimate fitness playground


Developed by leading teachers and fitness industry experts, this program turns learning on its head, literally!

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