"Your family's ultimate fitness playground"


Most people haven’t done a handstand or cartwheel since primary school days! We quickly lose our ability to feel confident when it comes to gymnastics. Here’s your opportunity to return to your primary school days and have some fun!

We cover all basic moves including forward rolls, handstand holds progressing to freestanding, as well as beam and introductory ring moves to get you feeling like a gymnast!

Apart from the fun of this class, there’s the added bonus of some serious core and flexibility work every session.

The 8 week term is just $150 with classes held every Friday at midday. Children are welcome along at no extra cost.

Sign up now and you will be cartwheeling with the best of them!

Family First Fitness

Your family's ultimate fitness playground


Developed by leading teachers and fitness industry experts, this program turns learning on its head, literally!

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