With New Year’s upon us, we see the fitness industry spiralling into overdrive, jumping on the ‘New Year’s Fitness Resolution’ bandwagon. Well let’s face it, for those of us that set resolutions, health and fitness goals tend to rank pretty highly!

Now the fun bit, joining a gym and sticking to the plan! With plenty of memberships on special, joining a gym is the easy bit. Now to set achievable goals with appropriate frame-working while holding yourself accountable, managing your nutrition, attending the correct workouts for your goals all while picking yourself up when you’re feeling flat, lazy or tired, again and again. OK, suddenly not so easy, is it?

This is why signing up at a gym is simply not enough. This is also why gyms love signing you up and then leaving you to your own accord. There are very few people with the internal discipline to do all of the above mentioned and stick to it, day in and day out.

At the very least, most people rely on a training buddy or friends in a group class to help keep them motivated. But what if you don’t know anybody? What if your group classes don’t lend themselves to social chit chat and friendship building? How can you take the plunge into better health AND stay motivated?

Welcome – The 8 Week Challenge! These are so popular at many gyms for all of the above reasons. Every challenge will offer you access to the gym, possibly some nutrition guidelines and maybe even some goal setting. For the sake of this blog, I am referencing the 8 Week Challenge at Family First Fitness which includes all of the above, why it works, why we get insane results – challenge after challenge after challenge.


  1. COMMUNITY – absolutely anyone can start one of our challenges and instantly feel like part of the family. Our members and previous challengers take pride in welcoming and including the ‘newbies’ and their kids, they are ready to celebrate their achievements with you as well as give a gentle push when required. It’s easy enough to find a gym, but to find a community is something else altogether. Reaching your goals is a whole lifestyle choice, not just a workout at the gym. Our community at F1 are supporting each other, every step of the way. 
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY – Being part of a supportive community flows naturally into accountability. The support from the group is also there to hold you accountable, to pick you up, push you along, and even give you a firm foot up the backside if that’s what is required. So it’s not just the trainers watching over you, it’s your fellow challengers who will share your highs and get you through the lows. Yes, there will be lows and probably more than one. It is these times when many people fall off the ‘fitness train’ and revert back to bad habits. Together, we work our butts off to not let this happen to you. 
  3. ENGAGING – If it’s not fun, you’re not going to do it. If it’s not challenging, you’re not going to get results. Our goal is fun, challenging and unique programming that sees all of our challengers getting it done at their level. Not too easy that you’re not getting a workout, not too hard that you can’t walk for days and never want to come back, but just right for you!
    How do we do it? Simple – every workout has three ability levels to cater for the different levels within the challenge. In fact, the challenge itself has three levels to choose from.

Health Level

This is perfect for those returning to exercise after a break or those exercising or joining a gym for the first time, new mums or challengers requiring a modified program due to an injury or condition. We cater for absolutely everyone’s needs and will get your fitness levels up in no time!

Higher Fitness Level

Programmed by a specialty coach and fitness athlete, this level is not for the faint-hearted. You will be pushed further than you thought you could go with an awesome group of challengers and phenomenal personal achievements.

Strength Level

You want to get stronger, build muscle or tone up, all under the eye of a specialist coach. This level requires the commitment to follow a specialised strength program, all with the support of our Strength Coach and a great team. Lift and repeat all for GAINZ!  

So why are our programs getting results?

  1. SPECIALISED – Our challenges are constantly evolving to suit the needs of our members. There’s a very good reason that many of our challenge members have completed multiple challenges and continue to sign on for more! We offer unique group programs, nutrition experts, goal setting plus our amazing private support group on Facebook.
    How do we do it? We have the best specialist coaches, constantly contributing and updating the programs, all to give you the best opportunity to smash your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Bring the kids, bring the partner! We are all in it together at F1 and pride ourselves on the awesome community we have going here at the gym.

Let’s make it happen and GET IT DONE at F1 2018!  Fill in the form below to sign up and change your life!  

See you in the gym!

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