It seems wherever I look these days, it is so hard for our kids to make healthy choices! Halloween has just been, encouraging children to knock on doors and ask for lollies and chocolate – I’ve seen kids with BUCKETS of junk food! I hate to think of the effects of all that sugary, processed rubbish, overloaded in their little bodies!

Now with the lead up to Christmas, I take one step into the major food shops and it’s lollies to the left, chocolate to the right and packaged, processed foods right in front of me! All wrapped up in Christmas red and green, with Santa smiling happily from every packet.

How can our children make the right decisions when the marketing is targeting them specifically, and parents are feeling pressured to buy these ‘treats’?

Then I see the major chains supporting ‘family friendly events’ – free McDonald’s or Hungry Jack’s burgers for children’s sporting club prizes. It is becoming increasingly difficult for children and parents to make SMART food choices. We have created a sporting culture, that celebrates after the game with a trip to Maccas!

At the end of every Bust-a-Burpee session, I chat with the kids about rewarding their hard work with a healthy dinner. We discuss what ‘good fuel’ for a hard working body is. No, the children don’t buy the food or cook the meals, but they can certainly help influence positive food choices at home.

Yes, we are all busy, but this is no excuse. Being busy simply means we need to plan ahead, be organised and place a priority on our family’s health.

Here are some simple examples of making healthier choices:

  1. Choose a, ‘No Packet Snack’. Vegetables and fruit and nuts are a simple alternative and full of goodness. Yes there’s ‘sugar’ in fruit, but it’s a darn sight better than processed snacks.
  2. Say no to your kids. Be consistent with your approach to unhealthy food choices and the kids will soon realise you mean business. This process may be demanding and extremely frustrating, but at the end of the day, it’s our health and the future health of our children here! Consistently provide a healthier option instead, even get the kids to help you prepare a veggie platter or raw slice.
  3. Start the day strong! Breakfast should be something that gets their brains working – cereals full of sugar are setting kids up for a sugar crash at school, right when they need their brains functioning at their best. As mentioned above, be consistent with your approach here and the kids will soon follow suit.
  4. BYO food! Just because you go to the movies or an event, doesn’t mean you need to eat from the snack bar. Take healthy snack options, not only are you providing the right fuel for your family, you’re saving a fortune too!

These are just a few options that will help your children and you make better choices and start living a healthy lifestyle! If you’re looking for more creative, healthy options, Pinterest is full of ideas. As is Google, along with plenty of ‘healthy parenting’ Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. We’re all stuck with technology, let’s put it to productive use!

Let’s make the choice to cut the sugary treats down and actively lead our families into a healthier future!

We’ve got this gang!

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