There are so many ‘whys’ to this answer, so many reasons more than the blaringly obvious, ‘to get fitter and lose a few centimetres or kilograms.’


Those of you who know me well, or are getting to know me through these blogs, will be noticing a pattern here. I NEVER go for the obvious answer. I like to dig a little deeper and explore the more meaningful and enduring reasons behind our actions and motivations.


So – let’s forget about fitness levels and weight-loss for now, and consider these ‘bonus side-effects’ to why we should all be using a personal trainer.


    Possibly a little dramatic and certainly a generalisation to boot! BUT – why spend countless hours in the gym or in a group fitness class or even working out at the park – when the fundamentals and the science behind the effectiveness of your workout may be completely lost due to the misplacement of your hands? Incorrect positioning of your feet?
    And don’t even get me started on the squat! I’m speaking predominantly to the ladies here – Why do we squat? Shout it loud girls, ‘For da booty, dat’s why!’ Next question, how many of you have had your squat analysed, stance corrected, depth challenged? Are your glutes activated at all or are you squatting through your quads like the majority of people out there?
    I am a trainer – I have a PT and I am constantly getting my form and technique corrected – there’s no excuse for a bad squat or lost booty gains when you have a PT by your side, or should I say, right behind you!
    When working out on your own, or even in a group class, you stick to what you know or follow the leader in the group setting. In group sessions at a good gym, the weekly programs should be targeted towards an objective.
    However, this is generalised to cater for the whole group, not you specifically. If exercising on your own, you may be following a routine from Instagram or YouTube and this is a great start to getting up and moving, but you’re not following a methodology here; your workouts are random without a clear, long-term objective. Yes, you may be working out to shift some weight, but a PT will personalise a program for you with your body type, goals, weaknesses and strengths in mind. A personalised training session is exactly that, personal!
    There is no elite athlete that doesn’t have a personal coach. Now we are not trying to reach Olympic levels with our fitness, but we are trying to be our very best and get the best possible results.
    In order to be our best, we need someone to constructively point out our floors, correct our mistakes and most importantly, push us beyond our conceived limits.
    If I put my teacher hat on here, we’d all love more one on one time with our students, as this is when we can hone down on the child’s specific needs and instruct them explicitly based on their individual learning styles and unique motivations towards learning.
    As adults, we are no different. We respond remarkably well to one-on-one attention, and this certainly fast-tracks us to achieving our goals.
    If you have all the time in the world, and are not under any time constraints, the following does not apply to you. For the rest of us, we have a very limited amount of time for our exercise. Why would you not want to make the absolute most of it?
    This relates back to my first point, we want to get the most out of our exercise in the limited time available. Yes, all exercise is good for you, it gets the endorphins flowing and has a huge impact on our mental well-being, (see my previous blog – Exercise and Mental Health). Throw a PT into the mix and you get the bonus of knowing that every single workout counts and is leading towards the best possible outcome for YOU.
    It is very important you choose the right trainer for you. Most PT’s out there are great, but are they great for you? Be prepared with a list of questions and ideas about what you are wanting to achieve. Talk to your gym manager about the PT’s available, read up about them on the website, have a chat with them personally to assist finding a trainer that you feel comfortable with.
    At Family First Fitness, we have phenomenal trainers, and are able to match our PT’s with clients, based on desired outcomes, goals and personalities. We need to also remember, a good PT will make you uncomfortable for an hour, uncomfortable in a good, getting it done, kicking goals kind of way!

So there you have it, the tip of the iceberg to the ‘whys’ of Personal Training. Which of course leads to the question, why wouldn’t you get a PT?

What is stopping most people getting a personal trainer? Money, of course!

PT’s don’t come cheap and here is where you need to consider what you could do to make it happen. Whether it be making your coffee at home or swapping weekly lunch dates for a catch-up walk around the lake? You could even get a couple of friends on board and share a PT for a more cost efficient option. Consider it an investment for longevity of life and better health. Money well spent.

See you all at the gym, hopefully getting it done with your very own PT!

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