This blog is written from the perspective of a gym. However, the message can easily be applied to any outdoor bootcamp or group training session.

When you first step into a gym, it can be an extremely intimidating and confronting moment in your life! Yes, you are also taking the first step towards improving your health, but you are presented with scantily-clad, sweaty bodies, loud music, strange machines that even after a brief orientation, you’re still confused by, and buff personal trainers overseeing it all.

It’s a sensory overload where your inner voice is having a field day – ‘You shouldn’t be here! You don’t know what you’re doing! You look ridiculous!’

Well – here’s the bombshell – the fit people in the gym respect you! They’re giving a shout out to the person who is stepping out of their comfort zone. They are excited for you, because they know the great sense of achievement you are going to feel as you reach each new goal you set for yourself. In a nutshell – they know what’s in store for you and the personal victories you will experience.

WHY? Because they were the ‘newbies’ too! They know that taking the firs

t step and the many proceeding it, is tough! It’s tough mentally, it’s tough physically, and it’s tough socially! The bonus is, they also know about training routines, good food choices, the great friends you’ll meet and the many benefits of exercise. This is why you should never be intimidated by these people, you should be inspired by them! In fact – you sh

ould have a chat with them!

A common perception is that the ‘fittest’ people in the gym are stuck up, or nasty.  I can see how their stony faces, often set with a determined grimace can easily be misinterpreted as ‘resting-bitch-face’ or ‘evil-greasy’, but the reality is, these people are exceptionally focused, they are concentrating on their reps, their lift, their workout. This is obviously not the ideal time to strike up a first conversation, but do not take this as a sign that this person is ‘unapproachable.’

The fittest person I know, is also one of the most incorrectly perceived people in the gym for all the above reasons #bestrestingbitchface 🙂 She is also the most helpful person I have met since moving to Western Australia, the person who will go out of her way to answer my questions, demonstrate new movements and celebrate with me as I achieve a new goal.. Take my word for it, be inspired, not intimidated – go and say hi!

We are very lucky at our gym, Family First Fitness. Both my husband, Daniel and I are often surrounded by children, which makes us much less intimidating to approach in the first place. Daniel’s nickname is ‘Buff’, he looks the part and has perfected the ‘resting-arsehole’ facial expression! Fortunately, as our members know, he’s the exact opposite.

A big softie who will bend over backwards to accommodate the workout for you, to teach you the progressions required to reach your goal, to show you the correct technique. He also has appalling taste in music but that’s another story! The point is, Buff, like many fit people, loves celebrating the successes of every person in the gym. He knows how good it feels to achieve a new goal.

So here’s my advice when you are in the gym:

  1. Say hello to the fit person, perhaps not when they’re halfway through lifting a weight or in the middle of an intense workout!

  2. Remember – they respect you! They are normal people, they just look really good in active wear!

  3. Ask them for tips and advice when it comes to training. These people worked hard to get to where they are now and most are happy to help because it makes them feel good too!

  4. Find out who trains them, and maybe have a PT or two with their trainer? Personal Training is a fantastic way to improve your fitness. See my previous blog

At the end of the day, some people are arseholes whether they’re fit or not. Don’t let them get you down, surround yourself with the inspiring, happy fit people who are working their butts off and GET IT DONE!

Wongy xx