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This blog is written from the perspective of a gym. However, the message can easily be applied to any outdoor bootcamp or group training session. When you first step into a gym, it can be an extremely intimidating and confronting moment in your life! Yes, you are also...

Is Personal Training For Me?

YES - PERSONAL TRAINING IS FOR YOU Why? There are so many ‘whys’ to this answer, so many reasons more than the blaringly obvious, ‘to get fitter and lose a few centimetres or kilograms.’   Those of you who know me well, or are getting to know me through these...

Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy Choices

It seems wherever I look these days, it is so hard for our kids to make healthy choices! Halloween has just been, encouraging children to knock on doors and ask for lollies and chocolate - I’ve seen kids with BUCKETS of junk food! I hate to think of the effects of all...

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise is so much more than just looking after our bodies physically. It can be social in a group training session, solitary time to yourself on a long run and exhilarating in a competitive or adventurous environment. All of these points share one common outcome -...

Chicks Who Lift

We live in an image obsessed world, and in most cases the ‘perfect body’ is what's portrayed to us on the cover of a magazine. Whether it be the infinite ‘slimness’ on the Vogue cover, the ‘happy family’ featured in New Idea, or the current winner of the women’s INBA...

Healthy Parenting in our busy world

Lazy Healthiness   As a mum, a teacher and a gym owner, I speak with a lot of other mums and dads who comment frequently, that in our ‘busy world’ they just don’t have the time to fit everything in, let alone a ‘fully prepped’ healthy meal plan for the family....

Michelle is the co owner of Family First Fitness and the brains behind Bust-a-Burpee, the kids fitness program seen on Channel 9.  A mother to a 3 year old, her focus is on creating happy and healthy kids and families!

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